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Frequently asked questions are listed below. Please forward any questions we have not addressed to greenhse@agrotech.com.

1. What is important to know about structural specifications?
When looking at structural specifications, check the steel thickness, tensile strength and shape of members. The structures are rated at pounds of snow per square foot. You should be sure that the structure you choose meets one of the National Building Codes. Your sales representative should be able to provide you with printed specifications.

2. What are the health benefits for livestock in using a greenhouse opposed to a conventional barn?
Greenhouses provide excellent ventilation, which has a positive effect on animals. They are exposed to drier conditions than they would normally be in a conventional barn. The environment of sunshine and solar sterilization that a greenhouse provides is an environment in which animals thrive.

3. How is ventilation achieved?
Livestock structures have sides that roll up to provide cross ventilation and a peak vent for further ventilation and exhausting humid stagnant air.

4. How does sunlight benefit livestock?
The ultraviolet light kills bacteria and keeps the bedding drier. It is estimated that you will use half of the bedding that you would use in a conventional barn.

5. How much less does a greenhouse cost than the conventional barn?
The cost of a greenhouse is about 25-50% less expensive than the conventional barn.

6. What is the covering made of?
The covering is made of 2 layers of polyethylene, which have been treated against ultraviolet rays so the sun won't deteriorate them.

7. How long will the covering last?
The plastic is a standard greenhouse poly guaranteed for three to five years with a service life in agriculture of four to eight years depending upon the type. The roof is generally inflated to protect the poly and help the snow slide off. Either clear or white opaque poly may be used.

8. What will the inside temperature be like in the summer?
The temperature inside the building will be +\- 5 degrees cooler than outside because of the 70% of shading given with the use of the 6 mil., opaque white polyethylene layer.

9. What does the inflation fan actually do?
The fan blows air between the two layers of roof plastic. This keeps the plastic tight and provides some insulation.

10. What is the average cost of a roof replacement?
The average cost of roof replacement is 8% to 10% of the cost of the building.

11. Are there different types of greenhouse structures?
Harnois manufactures three styles of greenhouses structures used for livestock housing: The Ovaltech, a standard freestanding greenhouse with a gothic roof, which is available up to 32' wide. The Maxidome, a free standing gothic structure with a clear span of 40', 50', and 60' wide. The Nordique is a gutter connected structure for unlimited expansion of both the width and length.

12. What are the recommended uses for Harnois livestock structures?MAXIDOME: is designed for use as a livestock building for calves pens, bedded packs, freestalls, machinery storage, manure pit covering, warehouse/workshop, and hay storage.
NORDIQUE: is designed for freestall dairy housing. This gutter connected structure is adaptable to virtually every situation, for any sized farm. This modular concept allows for expansion from all sides.

OVALTECH: can be used as a multi use shelter. It is a basic yet versatile structure offering the lowest cost per square foot. It requires no concrete foundation and can be used as a temporary or portable structure. It is the best structure available for raising calves, hogs, sheep and goats.

13. What is the price difference for these greenhouse type barns?
Prices range from $2.50 to $3.25 per square foot for the Ovaltech and from $4.50 to $5.50 per square foot for the Maxidome. The Nordique costs between $4.50 to $6.50 per square foot.

14. How much electricity does a greenhouse barn use?
The only electricity required is to operate the inflation fan, which uses the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb.

15. How long does it take to erect a greenhouse barn?
Two people working steadily could erect a 30'x100' Ovaltech greenhouse in about two days. After you put up the first one, the next one takes less time.

16. What kinds of tools are needed to erect a greenhouse?
A hammer, drill and wrenches are all that are needed to fit into place the swedge fit, pre-cut, pre-drilled greenhouse components.

17. Where should you locate a green house barn?
Greenhouse livestock shelters should be put where adjacent buildings or trees will not shadow them. It is also advised that the greenhouse be in a spot that is free of flying debris reducing the chance of damage to the poly.

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